Live-In Home Care

live-in care

We can provide experienced caregivers, both male and female, for live-in care. Live-in caregivers stay overnight in the home, for a few days, a few weeks, or permanently.

Live-in care is an option for those who sleep through most of the night but may need assistance on occasion, or for those who don't want to live alone.

Live-in care allows people to remain in their own homes, safe and secure. Qualicare Southern Vancouver Island provides:

  • 24/7 around-the-clock, on-call support
  • Regular updates to family members
  • Assistance with both personal care and daily living tasks
  • We offer several options to those seeking live-in care in Southern Vancouver Island. We will work with you to find the most appropriate and affordable solution for your family's situation.

Short-Term Live-In Care

Qualicare Southern Vancouver Island provides a safe and reliable solution when short-term live in care is required on a planned or urgent basis. Our live-in caregivers can move in temporarily, providing care, assistance, and support.

After surgery or hospitalization, many people benefit from having someone at home during their recovery period. A live-in caregiver can go to the hospital and participate in the patient's discharge, so they can learn firsthand what the home care and post-op care requirements will be. This allows for an exceptional level of care continuity, and helps the caregiver to be much more effective. Most people benefit greatly from having a caregiver stay with them in their home until they have recuperated enough to manage safely on their own.

Short-term live-in care can also be used to temporarily replace a permanent, primary caregiver who will be away on vacation. Or, if you are currently employing a live-in caregiver who needs time off occasionally, our short-term live-in care could be an excellent solution. We can provide a reliable, consistent caregiver who can fill-in or replace live-in care when needed.

Long-Term Live-in Care

If needed, we can provide a live-in caregiver for a long term assignment. This is appropriate for those with specific homecare needs, such as mobility challenges or care for specific diseases, or for those who are unprepared to commit to the length of time required for the Foreign Worker Program.

If live-in care requirements are permanent, the most economical way to get the best home care available is to hire a foreign worker caregiver.

Foreign Worker Program

Foreign Workers who are looking to immigrate to Canada are available for long term live-in caregiver assignments in private homes. Applicants approved by government agencies are given a permit to work for a specified employer as a live-in caregiver. After two years of employment, live-in caregivers may apply to become permanent Canadian residents, who can then work in any field.

Qualicare finds, selects and hires foreign workers who are already located in the Southern Vancouver Island, Ontario area. You and your family can meet and personally interview these candidates and choose the person who is the best match.