Compassionate Palliative Care

palliative care

Palliative care is a family concern.

The Qualicare Southern Vancouver Island team is very comfortable with providing palliative care at home. Our experienced and compassionate nurses and caregivers are experts at helping families through this difficult transition. We form a supportive team, led by the client's primary physician. Together we care for the patient and their family in a comfortable, familiar environment.

We provide consistent, around-the-clock, coordinated care in a dignified and holistic manner. Our approach is to maximize the patient's quality of life, ensuring that their comfort is always top priority.

Providing palliative care at home for a loved one offers many benefits to the patient:

  • frequent contact with their family and friends
  • control of their own care and environment
  • continuity of care
  • the comfort of being in their own home

Qualicare helps the patient as they progress comfortably through each successive stage of care at home, while helping their loved ones adjust.

patient care center

The Qualicare Personal Care Manager (PCM) is a qualified Nurse who becomes the patient's or family members confidant during the stages of palliative care. Their PCM offers support and helps create an unconditional comfort zone of health and communication that comes with complete acceptance of the patient's condition.

Our Personal Care Manager also extends this knowledge and grace to the family, whose stress is eased by the around-the-clock care and support. Families are encouraged to have an open and continuous dialogue with one another. We encourage family members to take time to care for their own emotional, spiritual and physical needs at this very important time.

Our Case Managers use their extensive experience to help our clients navigate the healthcare system, advocating on the family's behalf to maximize available government-funded care and services, minimizing their financial burden. The family is spared the stress of interacting with our government's hardworking but over-overburdened healthcare and social work professionals, so that they can focus on quality time with each other.

Our goal is to bring peace of mind and stress-relief for you and your family.