Hear From Satisfied Families

Hear From Satisfied Families

  • Your monitoring has helped us better control his medications and has made his and our quality of life so much more comfortable.

    R. Gerlock

  • The fact that the girls arrived at my home knowing my medical problem, about the recent death of my husband, and generally what was expected of them made it so very easy for both myself and my daughter.

    M. Fromstein

  • With your help and the help of your very special caregivers, my mother maintained her dignity throughout her illness.

    M. Basman

  • Of your many valuable services, the co-ordination of my mother’s appointments and the creation and maintenance of her medical profile have proven to be invaluable.

    L. Smith

  • I was so very impressed and appreciative with the quality of your caregivers that came to my home and dived into what was a very difficult, chaotic situation.

    J. Stapleton

  • Your special care, your genuine interest and your focus on solutions to the barriers we faced, was irreplaceable.

    J. Katz

  • The in-depth note taking during physician consults relieved all of us so that we were able to give our mother the attention she needed and deserved.

    J. Ison

  • It’s been reassuring to have Qualicare involved in my father’s care, knowing that you are doing everything to ensure that he is being looked after in the most dignified way.

    J. Cass

  • I am certain without the wise and gentle nursing care provided by Andrea Nathanson and without the superb services provided by all members of her team, my husband’s recovery would not have been as complete.

    E. Sokolov Fine

  • Your wise advice all along was much appreciated as decisions were made clearly in my aunt’s best interest.

    Dr. A Graham